Do you sometimes bimble?

The answer must be yes. To bimble is to go for a leisurely walk, with no special or particular purpose. That means walking at a leisurely pace.

Bimble is a verb and the nearest word in Spanish would be “pasear”.

You could substitute “wander” where bimble is used. Perhaps, in your spare time, you bimble around the parks in Santa Cruz, or the expensive shopping streets in London or Vienna.

Examine these examples.

  • Noor bimbled around the Christmas markets in Vienna.
  • Leila often bimbles around the parks in Brussels.
  • What are you doing tomorrow? I am going to bimble around the centre of Harrogate, a town in the north of England.
  • What have you done today? I have bimbled around the centre of Hamburg.

So do you sometimes bimble? Probably.

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