Are all your ducks in a row?

Ducks (patos) you may know. Also a row (fila). Translated literally you might say that “ducks in a row” means “patos en una fila”. But “ducks in a row” is an expression.

If a mortal “gets all his ducks in a row”, it means that everything has been organized or prepared for an event or a campaign.

Contemplate these examples.

  • Let´s get all our ducks in a row before we launch (lanzar) the election campaign (pongamos todo en orden antes de lanzar…). In other words you could say, let´s prepare everything well (in advance) so we reduce the risk of things going badly.
  • You should get all your ducks in a row before (deberías completar los preparativos antes de…) you decide to criticize Mr. Sunak, the British Prime Minister.
  • Mr. Sunak´s budget preparations were a disaster. He should have got all his ducks in a row first.

Ducks may never be the same again!

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