10 English Phrases You Need to Know for Travelling

Planning a trip to an English-speaking country? Here are 10 essential phrases to help you navigate your journey with confidence:

1. «Excuse me, where is…?» (Disculpe, ¿dónde está…?)

Use this to ask for directions. For example: «Excuse me, where is the nearest underground station?»

2. «Do you have any recommendations?» (¿Tiene alguna recomendación?)

Perfect for asking locals about restaurants, attractions, or activities.

3. «Could I have the bill, please?» (¿Me puede traer la cuenta, por favor?)

Use this in restaurants when you’re ready to pay.

4. «Is there a toilet nearby?» (¿Hay un baño cerca?)

When nature calls! In the UK, «toilet» is commonly used and accepted.

5. «I’d like to book a room for…» (Me gustaría reservar una habitación para…)

Useful when making hotel reservations. Add the number of nights you plan to stay.

6. «What’s the Wi-Fi password?» (¿Cuál es la contraseña del Wi-Fi?)

Essential in our connected world!

7. «I’m allergic to…» (Soy alérgico/a a…)

Important for those with food allergies. For example: «I’m allergic to peanuts.»

8. «How much does this cost?» (¿Cuánto cuesta esto?)

For shopping or when prices aren’t displayed.

9. «Could you speak more slowly, please?» (¿Puede hablar más despacio, por favor?)

Don’t be shy to ask if someone’s speaking too fast for you to understand.

10. «Thank you» and «You’re welcome» («Gracias» y «De nada»)

Simple but crucial. Remember to use these often!

Practise these phrases before your trip. With a little preparation, you’ll feel more comfortable communicating in English during your travels.

¡Buen viaje y disfruta practicando tu inglés!

Written by Aimee Wilkinson, Principal at The Harrogate International Academy

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